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price list 2020

Short board until size 6.4         4.650.000 rp

Short board size 6.5 to 6`11       4.900.000 rp

Malibu size 6.8 to 7`7                  5.00.000 rp

Malibu size 7.8 to 8`4                  5.900.000 rp

Longboard size 8`.5 to 9`4          6.650.000 rp

Longboard size 9`.5 to 9`8        6.850.000 rp

Longboard size 9`.9 to 10`2       8.850.000 rp

Longboard size 10`.3 to 10`8       9.750.000 rp


double stringer 6mm  with center foam colored ( black ,red or blue 20mm or under your request )

500.000 rp


Boards come with  soft cover incluted



Fiberglass fins fcs carbon fcs or futer or fcs2   ~650.000/900.000 rp ,for more info just contact us


Polish finish extra 600.000rp until 7.0

Polish finish extra 700.000rp until 9.0

Polish finish extra 800.000rp until 10.0

Epoxy eps version until size     6.10  600.000 rp
from611to 7.8 extra 8000.000
7.9to 9.8   1.000.000

Stringer 12 mm extra 300.000 rp



Stringer standard 6mm ,12 mm extra 200.000 rp
add each stringer 500.000 rp for other size contact
parabolic rail stringer 600.000 rp

SUP size 7`.10 to 9`4 eps-epoxy 10.150.000 rp

SUP size 9`.5 to 10`4 eps-epoxy 11.050.000 rp

SUP size 10`.4 to 11`0 eps-epoxy 11.550.000 rp

Quad fcs extra plugs 150.000rp
Prices of all surfboards includes
tail carbon line reinforce ,matt finish.

Boards with future fins plugs will no extra (but fins are not incluted) 5 fins option fcs extra plugs 250.000rp
Fcs go-pro plugs + leash safety 200.000rp
Futures plug each plug extra 100.000rp


FULL Carbon tail reinforce 12 k  extra 250.000 rp


Carbon stringer full parabolic rails 12 k  800.000rp

Carbon/kevlar flag stringer 12 k 300.000rp



Epoxy eps/bamboo vacuum
deck 1.600.000rp

deck and bottom  2.400.000 rp

Epoxy deck CORK   800.000 rp

until size6.10

for other size contact us.



Epoxy eps/duralite sandwich  extra
5.0 to 6.4      3.850.000rp




Channels bottom shape 500.000rp

Kite boards epoxy/eps size 5.7` to 6`6 6.650.000 rp Price includes ,traction pad .strap plugs

Windsurf boards epoxy/eps size 230cm to 290cm Price includes fins center us box ,traction pad and foot straps .12.250.000 rp

Windsurf boards epoxy/full sandwich/carbon
size 230cm to 290cm 15.950.000rp

Knee boards size 5`8 to 6`6     6.100.000 rp Knee boards complete traction soft pad front and rear



Fcs II new system with fins thruster included 500.000rp

Fcs II  only 3 plugs  300.000rp

Fcs II  100.00 each extra plugs


Carbon full top bottom vacuum peel ply 2.200.000rp

until size 6.4

size  6.10 to 7.8 extra 350.000
7.9to 8.4 650.000 8.4to 9.4 850.000 rp 9.4to 10.0 1.050.000 10.0to 11.0  1.250.000 rp

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