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Volume calculator and F.A.Q on surfboard


In this page we will talk about criteria how choose
a board size ,construction ,and type of set up fins to have
your surfboard set at the best to fit your skills and type of waves.

If you are an experienced surf ,sure you already have in mind your size dimensions
and probably for a new board you will make some slight adjustment to your previous board
based on your last feedback on your board.
this is the best way to have the perfect board for you,every time make some adjustment
to get the your preferred rocker and tail wide area and volume,like a pro surfer work always  the shaper to find the shape and dimension to make his surf at the best.


But most of us we are not pro surfer…work ,,not always have time to surf…or we dont live close to the ocean…and surf maybe only in holidays time,so

probably reading this will help you choose a nice board.


First is understand the board  are usually surf ,why you need a new one ?

old boards tend to loose properties of flex and spring during the time ,so maybe the board was good at the beginning but after 1 or more years…feel sluggish..not fast responsive like when was new…( too many dings board get heavier) or probably like everyone  after years need to re adjust the board size … (getting old ,injuries, or not time to surf often …like before) so maybe when order a boards same your actual board,,,, same shape ,with new materials ..

will be more lighter and you still know the characteristic of your shape.

For this  not always is a good idea choose a totally new design ,if you dont know the difference compared to your previous sizes tail width nose width…rocker template and ecc…



How should be choose a board for average surfer without too much knowledge in shape and size.

There are many  aspect to consider,and i like to remind to surfer when decide to make a new board.

1 ) is always better choose the biggest size volume you can control… rather than the smallest board that you can surf.
here there is a big difference is mental approach,,, usually the surfer thinking.. smallest board..i can trow quicker and more vertical turns.
but in the overall.. is about how many waves you able to catch.. and doing turns without loose the next section of the wave.
first quick snap turn.,.. but after late for the second section…so my advice try to figure out what you really need..
not try always reduce and reduce the length and volume…compared to your actual size ,because you think with a smaller board  i will be more radical…

2 ) fun…is the key of surfing… so remember the best surfer in the water..is not always the person who make the best turns..but that one who
having much fun…. i see many good surfer..in water but never looks they having fun… so choose a board design to have the best fun in the water.
a beginner catching his first wave ..i think is the most happy surfer…
so in water if you are a experienced surfer… dont forget when you was a beginner… we all start at some point…

3 ) if dont really sure what size is good for you ..always better ask to one of your friend ,who surf better than you ..or to a good surfer in water to give you
an answer if the board are you surfing is good or not…..because they can see you how you paddle .. your position on line up.. and how you surf…. if need to change your board ,,maybe you will be lucky
someone will let use his board for few waves…change board in water with same condition will be the best to understand what type of board you need.
or maybe not too easy to find ,but if possible rent a board with the dimensions similar you need…
For us receiving an email if very difficult to give you and advice without seeing you surf.


okei now we try to convert this in sizes to help you choose the right board design.

a board where i can paddling faster… yes that is the key for a good shape.

and example 2 boards with same amount volume ,but different length..

the board with more length will paddle faster,compared to a shorter.

a board with same sizes same volume ,but different rocker ,the board with less rocker angle

will paddle faster.

high rocker


lower rocker


so depend on type of waves..small punchy waves…. is better have shorter lenght,,,or you will in some case

dive the nose …too much length …not enough rocker.

so this to understand also rocker have a big influence on your board paddling and maneuvers…

in Mushy waves..or waves are breaking slower ( not barreling) you can choose for a lower rocker…paddle faster

and you can turn also on the shoulder of the wave…without loose .

difference on rocker is hard to see by eye..so 1 cm nose rocker or tail rocker will make a huge difference…

so be aware from signature top surfers  models… maybe the rocker is not for you.

difference to choose a rocker based on term of ability of the surfer.

Active ,aggressive surfers, can produce extra  speed with movement of the legs…pumping on the face of the wave.

Passive , a surfer follow the speed of the waves ,and not able to increase the speed of  the board …



Volume calculator in liters


here below a graph to choose the volume in base of your weigh ability’


so how it work

take your weight and multiply for the coefficient factor


74.8 kg   advanced smaller waves x 0.38=   28.4 L volume of the board


74.8  kg advanced in good waves x0.36 =26.9 L volume of the board 

– Advanced, extremely fit surfing almost  everyday , high performance short  board : RANGE FROM 0.34gf to0.36gf
– Intermediate advanced  fitness with average, short board : RANGE FROM 0.36gf to 0.38gf
– Intermediate, lower fitness, surf once every 2 weeks or more , RANGE FROM 0.38gf to .42gf
– Beginners , or surfers in  small surf, thick wetsuits : RANGE FROM 0.40gf TO .50gf (depending on age, and fitness)

*If you’re surfing without wet suits  and good waves, the lower end of the scale is recommended. If you’re surfing in poor conditions, looking for help in crowded situations, or wearing thick wetsuits, choose the higher coefficient.

here just let you know what the pros surf usually

                                     Height            Weight          Volume     Volume/Weight
Kelly Slater          5’9 (175cm)    160lbs (72kg)       24.0L       6.6 lbs/L (0.33 /L)
Mick Fanning      5’10 (177cm)   165lbs (75kg)       26.3L       6.3 lbs/L ( 0.35,6/L)
Dane Reynolds   6’0 (183cm)    180lbs (81kg)       29.2L       6.2 lbs/L ( 0.36 /L)
Steph Gilmore    5’10 (178cm)   146lbs (66kg)       24.2L       6.0 lbs/L (0.36.6 /L)
Harley Ingleby    6’2 (188cm)     188lbs (85kg)       65.3L       2.9 lbs/L (0.76 /L)


what construction choose


here we will talk about difference and advantages and disadvantages
about this 2 type of construction.

polyurethane foam ,blanks produced before clark foam ,now is just foam us blanks artic foam ecc ,and other australian brand like burdford bennett.. ecc

this foam is the standard world wide… all surfer and pro surfer prefers for the flex and spring feeling .not to much boyancy..
easy and fast to repair possible to make resin tint and airbrush,more compact cell size.
This board are called also P.U ( polyurethane ) + polyester type of resin using for glassing .
a board polyester can have a life time 1-2 years… before start get yellow…and loose the flex spring properties.

Eps epoxy …
EPS is for expanded polystyrene foam


is a type of foam more lighter than polyurethane
non resistant to chemical thinner..difficult t0 airbrush or resin tint… usually is some case are airbrushed on the exterior layer of fiberglass, cannot be done artist resin tint job ,so most of the time are just white.
difficult to airbrush due the cell open not smooth as polyurethane.
P.U polyester board can be repair in same day polyurethane foam will not absorb the water just little bit nut can be repaired
dry in few hours , the polyester resin dry in smaller time usually 1 -2 hours .

The epoxy are more stronger due the foam is lighter( density weight around 25-30kg) so can be glassed with more layers of fiberglass and remain same weight of p.u board (p.u foam density around 45-50 kg by cubic) .

the epoxy board are more stiffer , better for glassy conditions not well if windy choppy,the eps having more air inside have more flotation compared to p.u ,
so people more heavy tends to prefer the eps epoxy ,for the extra strength (25% stronger )
and extra buoyancy around 3-5% .

Epoxy board can be repaired only with epoxy resin ,, due the foam will melt if used polyester resin ,so always be careful  who repair it.


the pic showing a resin polyester on EPS foam ,,the result in melt and huge hole.
polyester resin have thinners and are not compatible with eps foam.
repairs take longer time ,the eps foam ,,, when water penetrate between the cells… will be more difficult to get out and dry,
in case of ding in the water you should immediately get out from water. process to dry take few days depend on quantity of water inside.
so if you travel only with 1 board i will not suggest a epoxy eps board, you risk to loose too many days of surf in case of ding, usually resin epoxy to dry need about 8 hours.

Polyurethane foam with epoxy resin
so you will have a p.u board little bit stronger about 15%
this board can be only white color or colored airbrush outside.
this type will be extra cost 50 usd.

Epoxy sandwich construction.
is light eps foam wrapped 3mm with high density foam
very strong .more resistant for ding.
until the ding don’t pass the 3mm of high density foam
is water proof. Same construction of tufflite or windsurf .
very expensive , not unbreakable but can least very long time.
only painted outside,can`t be resin tinted like a p.u board.
the high density foam is grey color DIAB foam or light pink/green AIREX foam.. the density of high foam is about 80 kg by cubic.



















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