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Welcome to our shop

At the surf shop we have a wide range of accessories for surfing

from surf wax, fins fcs futures, leashs …and all your needs for surf all range of prices .

Price list of accessories redz surf shop bali.

Leash plus ind 6 feet 320.000 rp

Leash plus ind 7 feet 330.000 rp

Travel bag single until 610 feet 450.000 rp

Travel bag double until 610 750.000 rp

Travel bag longboards 750.000 rp

Fcs fins carbon fiber from 650.000   www.plus-surf.com

Longboards fins 650.000 rp

Future fins carbon fiber 750.000

Wax plus surf tropical warm 30.000 rp 80 grams (comb incluted)

Fin key 25.000 rp, Fin key wax comb 40.000 rp

Ding repair Solarex 175.000

Ding repair epoxy 5 min 50.000 rp

Booties fcs 750.000 rp

Nose cone & tail cone protector 180.000 rp

Go pro accessories and camera.


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